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Weekend in the D - Broderick Tower Blog
The Auto Show opens to the public this Saturday (courtesy photo).

Weekend in the D

Detroiters might not get to enjoy 60 degree weather again this weekend, but there are still plenty of events happening in and around downtown for you to enjoy. From the auto show to the return of hockey season, here’s a quick snapshot of your Weekend in the D.

The Auto Show opens to the public this Saturday (courtesy photo).

North American International Auto Show: This international event has been dominating headlines since it opened to the press. The public will have a chance to get up close and personal with the latest automotive technology starting on Saturday. Adult tickets are just $12, or if you’re lucky you might be able to grab a free pair through a giveaway. Last I checked NAIAS and WXYZ-TV were both giving them away on Facebook. The Detroit Beer Company is also giving away one free Peoplemover token per guest, according to their Facebook page.

Auto Show Shuffle: If running outside in the middle of winter is your kind of thing, you’ll definitely want to check out the Auto Show Shuffle 5K, happening Saturday morning. The route will take runners and walkers along the beautiful Detroit Riverfront and Dequindre Cut. Online registration is closed, but you can still register on race day starting at 6 a.m.

Auto Show Bus Tour: Hosted by Motor City Brew Tours and Show Me Detroit Tours, this event highlights Detroit’s former brewery and automotive sites across Detroit including the Packard Plant, the Piquette Plant and much more. Your ticket includes a free beer and appetizers.

Welcome Back Red Wings: After months of waiting, the NHL season returns this Saturday. Though the Wings won’t be playing at the Joe, there are plenty of places to catch all the action around town. You might try HockeyTown Cafe, Bookies Bar & Grill or Cheli’s. If you do plan to see the Wings when they return home, be sure to head over to the Joe Louis Arena Box Office on Saturday at noon to take advantage of a special $9 ticket offer. Check out the details here.

MLK Day Detroit: Detroiters have the chance to take part in several events commemorating MLK Day. One in particular is the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration at the Charles H. Wright Museum. The museum is hosting a commemorative breakfast and will also offer workshops, concert performances, a video tribute and more. Fun fact – did you know Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a prelude to his historic “I Have a Dream” speech at Cobo Hall in Detroit? Get the full scoop here.

What’s on your agenda for this weekend? Let us know what you’re up to in the comments.



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