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Weekend in the D - Broderick Tower Blog

Weekend in the D

Warm weather is back this weekend and there are plenty of activities and events for Detrotiers to get out and enjoy.

47th Annual Flower Day at Eastern Market: Flower Day at Detroit’s Eastern Market is one of the largest flower shows in the country and truly a sight to see. This Sunday from 7am to 5pm members of the Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association (MDFGA) and hundreds of flower growers from Michigan, Canada and neighboring states will fill the market with their colorful array offerings. There will be more than 15-acres of the highest quality annuals, perennials, foliage, shrubbery, trees, exotics, tropical plants, flats, hanging baskets and more available for purchase. There will also be a climbing wall and plenty of flower experts on site to answer your questions. For more information and details about Flower Day click here.

See the historic Miss Pepsi hydroplane for free this weekend at the grand re-opening of the Dossin Great Lakes Museum (Courtesy DHS).

Dossin Great Lakes Museum Grand Reopening: After a six-month, $2 million renovation, the Detroit Historical Society‘s Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle will host a free public grand re-opening event this weekend. Visitors can check out a wide array of new exhibits and attractions both inside and outside of the museum. Ever wondered what it would be like to ride in a speedboat? You can find out at a new large display simulating a speedboat racing down the Detroit River. The bow anchor from the Edmund Fitzgerald will also be featured as well as the Miss Pepsi championship hydroplane of the 1940s and 50s. Check out all the action on Saturday from 12pm to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Forty thousand people are expected at this Saturday’s Detroit Race for the Cure at Comerica Park (Courtesy Komen Detroit Facebook).

Detroit Race for the Cure: Broderick Tower residents will wake up to a sea of pink outside their high rise windows on Saturday, as the 22nd Annual Komen Detroit Race for the Cure takes place at Comerica Park. Nearly 40,000 people are expected to take part in this annual co-ed 5K run/walk and one mile walk presented by the Karmanos Cancer Institute. The event will feature live bands and entertainment, giveaways, children’s activities, art displays, local celebrity guest appearances and much more.

What are your plans for this weekend in the D? Let us know of other events happening in the area.


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