A semi truck trailer was used to crush dozens of cars in a parking lot on Clifford Street in Detroit.

Downtown Detroit gets “Transformed”

Controlled explosions, squealing tires and lots and lots of crashes. That’s what residents of Broderick Tower can expect to see and hear a lot of over the next few weeks as Transformers 4 begins filming in and around its main movie set on Bagley Ave. this week.

The set is quite the site to see in downtown Detroit. Crew have transformed an abandoned lot once used for Kid Rock’s “Care” video into a bustling Asian-inspired city. The set features stone lion statues, a derailed transit train car, a three-tiered pagoda, a broken and battered giant umbrella structure (spaceship?) and fake Chinese storefronts touting market fabrics and goods.

But Transformers isn’t the only blockbuster to hit the streets of Detroit. Here are a few other recent or upcoming Detroit film projects to check out:

So keep an eye out for Mark Wahlberg sightings and click here to find out the details of upcoming street closures from our friends at MLive. Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released in June of 2014. See below for more photos from the movie set.

Have you seen any of the Transformers or other Detroit film action taking place downtown? What would you like to see filmed in Detroit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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