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August 2013 - Broderick Tower Blog

Archive for August, 2013

photo 1

Shopping in the D: City Bird & Nest

City Bird and Nest are two neighboring retail shops in Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood featuring art, design, handmade goods, housewares and more Detroit-themed gifts than you can count.

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photo 3

Blues on Broadway

If you’ve made your way down Broadway Street recently, you might’ve noticed a new hot spot at the corner of Gratiot. Blues on Broadway is a new Detroit blues bar with a “taste of New Orleans soul” that’s definitely worth checking out.

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A view of the Renaissance Center from aboard the Diamond Jack.

Cruising on the Diamond Jack

Did you know the Beatles once stayed at the now abandoned Whittier Hotel along the Detroit Riverfront? Or that the Peace Tower on Belle Isle is named after influential Detroit News columnist Nancy Brown, whose readers donated to build it during the Great Depression?

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Weekend in the D

The summer fun continues in and around Detroit this weekend, regardless of the not-so-summerish weather! Looking for something fun to do? Here are five events happening in and around the D this weekend you might want to check out: Read more…

Riverfront Volleyball

Weekend in the D

It’s hard to believe August is already here, but summer isn’t over just yet. There’s still plenty to see and do this summer in Detroit. From concerts and volleyball to a muddy 5k race, here are a few events happening this weekend you may want to check out: Read more…