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A view of the Renaissance Center from aboard the Diamond Jack.

Cruising on the Diamond Jack

Did you know the Beatles once stayed at the now abandoned Whittier Hotel along the Detroit Riverfront? Or that the Peace Tower on Belle Isle is named after influential Detroit News columnist Nancy Brown, whose readers donated to build it during the Great Depression?

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Weekend in the D

The summer fun continues in and around Detroit this weekend, regardless of the not-so-summerish weather! Looking for something fun to do? Here are five events happening in and around the D this weekend you might want to check out: Read more…

A semi truck trailer was used to crush dozens of cars in a parking lot on Clifford Street in Detroit.

Downtown Detroit gets “Transformed”

Controlled explosions, squealing tires and lots and lots of crashes. That’s what residents of Broderick Tower can expect to see and hear a lot of over the next few weeks as Transformers 4 begins filming in and around its main movie set on Bagley Ave. this week. Read more…

photo 1

Drive: Detroit’s Table Tennis Social Club

When most people think of table tennis, a few things come to mind. Old rec rooms at the city center, that ping pong/pool table hybrid your parents now use to fold laundry on, or perhaps that movie Balls of Fury. But Drive, Detroit’s one and only table tennis social club, is working to change that perception.

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Summer Jazz in Detroit

No matter what time or day of the week, chances are during the summer you’ll come across a FREE live music performance in and around downtown Detroit. Yesterday the Jazz & Stage series kicked off at Grand Circus Park, and many Broderick Tower residents only had to crack open their windows to hear the smooth sounds of this live music presentation. Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or just looking for a fun outdoor activity, here are a few upcoming free jazz events you might want to check out.

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Feather Bowling at Cadieux Cafe

The Cadieux Cafe in Detroit is a Belgian-themed pub that has been around since its days as a prohibition-era speakeasy. Today, guests (including Anthony Bourdain) flock to this modest corner bar for feather bowling, Belgian bar food, a wide beer selection, live music and more.

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Hand-feeding a giraffe at the Detroit Zoo. He was super friendly - and hungry!

#DayintheD – A Very Detroit Staycation

Living at Broderick Tower in downtown Detroit we’re right in the center of all the action and excitement that attract visitors from around the world. Sometimes though we forget just how lucky we are to have so many world-class cultural institutions, local attractions and top notch restaurants right here in Detroit. With all there is to see and do during a “Day in the D”, your summer vacation might just turn into a summer staycation–mine sure did.

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Credit: Cafe d'Mongo's Speakeasy Facebook

Getting cozy at Cafe d’Mongo’s

Ryan Gosling sightings around metro Detroit seem hardly uncommon nowadays, but with recent news the Hollywood heartthrob made his way within one block of Broderick Tower to Cafe d’Mongo’s Speakeasy, I knew I had to check this place out.

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Credit: Jennifer Watkins

St. Patrick’s Day in Detroit

As Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, Corktown has plenty of entertainment to offer year-round, but the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration happening this Sunday, March 10 is an event not to be missed.

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The Auto Show opens to the public this Saturday (courtesy photo).

Weekend in the D

Detroiters might not get to enjoy 60 degree weather again this weekend, but there are still plenty of events happening in and around downtown for you to enjoy. From the auto show to the return of hockey season, here’s a quick snapshot of your Weekend in the D. Read more…